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Glass Repair

As long as there’s been glass in our windows, there have been broken windows. And as long as there have been glass vases, sculptures, and handicrafts, people have had to deal with the disappointment of broken glass. But in Portland, OR, there’s good news: At Trinity Glass, we are glass repair professionals who have spent years refining our craft. We offer professional glass repair services, with a commitment to excellence and an artistic sense that is unsurpassed.

Your Needs Addressed

At Trinity Glass, we recognize that every project is different, and that each customer comes into our Portland, OR center with a distinct set of priorities. We are committed to providing individualized service, and this dedication shows through in every project. You can count on us for:

  • A wide range of glass repair services
  • Customized workmanship and fair pricing
  • A prompt and professional business philosophy

Don’t write off that damaged or broken glass just yet. Call Trinity Glass today and see how we can help.